“WELCOME! To the Home of the Squatches!”

The Sasquatch Jeepers formed in 2014 and is comprised of various aged people who drive various makes and models of vehicles which have moderate to extreme modifications. We are environmentally friendly and safety minded at all times. We try to run at least 2 trails each month (moderate to difficult). Membership into this patrol requires at least 35'' tires, and front and rear recovery points. If you would like to attend one of our trail runs, be sure to check out our calendar where all our runs will be posted.

What’s a Patrol?

The Mile-Hi Jeep Club is divided into groups called patrols. Each patrol has a different style of wheeling. Some prefer short day trips, and some love to RV up in the mountains for the weekend. Some prefer easy to moderate trails, and some like to compete in rock-crawling events.

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How do I join a patrol?

When you join the club, you need to choose a patrol that suits you. Ask around at a club meeting and see how people describe their own patrol. Some patrols have minimum requirements before you can join. Each patrol is different and they have different bylaws that govern the group, you can find our patrol's bylaws here. Some like easy trails, others like to run extreme. At parent club all patrol leaders wear name badges to make them easy to spot and will give a short description of their patrol during the membership section of parent club.

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Do I need to be a member to go wheeling with you?

For the first few trails, you don't need to be a member. You are encouraged to join if you like the club and would like to continue attending our events.

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