Patrol 16: “Sasquatch Jeepers” Bylaws

The purpose of this patrol is to organize members of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado (MHJC) and their families into a cohesive, friendly, and supportive group of off-road enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of our sport, support the MHJC, perform trail maintenance projects, and advocate for land use issues. Members of this Patrol will enjoy the camaraderie of wheeling with other large size vehicles.
Membership Requirements

Patrol Practices

Vehicle Requirements:

Vehicle Operations

These bylaws are produced to uphold common values and are for the encouragement of participation and fun in the MHJC. Proposed changes to these bylaws must be approved by two-thirds vote of the regular members present at an announced patrol meeting, trail run, or by email.

Last approved update: 4/4/2014